Whitework Embroidery & Crocheting


Tablecloth sample

In old times, whitework embroidery was considered to be a sign of good taste, wealth and respect for the traditions. By using such simple artistic media as white thread and white fabric, women were making monumental things, creating a sculpture-like surface.

Whitework embroidery technique can be found in many cultures from the east to the west. In India, it is called Chikan work, in Greece they have Reticella. There are numerous ways of this beautiful tradition of needlework in England. The works of Mountmellick embroidery and Broidery Anglaise are breathtaking.

The Richelieu is in Italy, Schwalm is in Germany, Hardanger is in Norway, Krestetskiy and Gorkovskiy embroidered guipure are in Russia, and many other types of whitework embroidery that can be found all over the world.